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Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Project Title: "Language Education and Speech Therapy for People with Special Education Needs" (LET'S)

Project Number: 2016-1-RO01-KA202-024644

Project beneficiaries:
Specialists in the field of language education and speech therapy of children with Special Education Needs (teachers, educators, trainers, experts involved in these kind of educational and therapeutic services)

Project objectives:
- Developing the professional skills and competences for educators and experts from partner organisations, who work with children who have special education needs in the field of language education and speech therapy by facilitating the access of international experience changes, quality continuum training activities, open educational resources, modern instruments of work, alternative/innovative approaches for a period of 24 months.
- Increasing the quality of services provided by 4 partner institutions and their strategic institutional development by initiation and development of strategic international cooperation, transferring and re-evaluating the approaches, strategies, educational and therapeutic methods used, professional development of human resources, elaborating new educational resources and work instruments on a period of 24 months.