Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ Programme


România: Asociatia Suntem Diferiti (ASD)


Association "We are different" is a small and young nonprofit organization (founded in 2013) which purpose is to promote the specific values of inclusive societies. Our association activity answers the needs of language education and development, speech language therapy and psychomotor therapy identified at children with special education needs and of guidance and support for their families and to educators who work with they. Our activity addresses the identified needs through specific intervention from specialist and active implication from parents. Both children and parents of children with special educative needs require permanently these services which can significantly improve the quality of their life.

• Prevention and fighting the factors which generate disadvantaging, marginalization and social exclusion of people with special educational needs and their families by providing educational, therapeutic, social and support services.
• Promotes the respect for human dignity and universal human rights, excluding all forms of discrimination.
• Making the community aware and sensitive about the diversity specific to an inclusive society.
• Defending and promoting the fundamental human rights and reinforcing the principle of auto determination.
• Sustaining and promoting the development of organizations, institutions and human resources which provide services of social, educational and psycho-pedagogic assistance or support and counseling services for people with special educational needs and their families, and have as final purpose ensuring the quality of services.
• Promoting high standards of competence and professional ethics within the specialists who work with people with special educational needs and their families.
• Facilitate the access of experts, educators and parents to different forms of training (lifelong learning) to better respond to the needs of children with special educational needs.
• Sustaining the experience changes by organizing national and international scientifically and professionally actions.

Main activities:
- Speech education and speech language therapy education services provided to children with special educational needs (mainly with autism but also with other disorders).
- Social services of education and psychomotor therapy offered to children with special educational needs.
- Counseling and support services provided to educators who work with children with special education needs and to families who have children with special educative needs.


Italy: Progetto Crescere Soc. Coop. Soc. (PC)


PROGETTO CRESCERE (PC)’s a SOCIAL COOPERATIVE (no-profit organization), founded as union between  two Social Cooperatives L’Arcobaleno Servizi and Centro Mazzaperlini, both founded in 1994, with the aim to develop the inclusion of children/students with learning disabilities(dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia) and other neurological disorder.

PC has 2 diagnostic/rehabilitation centers with a formal authorizations, that include the implementation of a Quality System in work’s processes (Aut. Sanit. 73/2010 e 77/2010 Comune di Reggio Emilia).
PC is a "Centro di servizio e consulenza  per le istituzioni scolastiche dell’Emilia Romagna riconosciuti per l’a.s. 2015/2016 n. 7012 del 08.06.2015 Regione Emilia-Romagna (a certification to work with schools).

Areas of specific expertise are:

• Research; prevention diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities, neurological disorders, disadvantages and other diseases. Psychological services. (TARGET: children, adolescents, adults. Costs are in part covered thanks to an agreement with National Health Service.);
• To develop innovative tools to support teaching/learning processes;
• To support parents with children and teenagers with disabilities and give them new competences (ICT, social skills, communication skills, etc.);
• To support teaching staff from and to improve their competences;
Guidance services in school
• To develop training courses for adults at local and European level to develop new competences (organizes KA1 training courses);
• To use active learning methods
• To support families, in particular in parenthood and in the relationships with schools and other educational institutions.

The team is composed from 53 people: director, services’ managers (5), administrative figures (4) and other figures (43- Doctors in Neuropsychiatry, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, speech therapists, Educators,Psychomotricists,Trainers. 90 % are women between 25 e i 48.
PC is part of a Local Consorzio of social cooperatives that provide health, social or educational services (in particular to children, elderly and disabled people) and integrate disadvantaged people into the labour market.


Hungary: Dr. Török Béla Óvoda, Általános iskola, Szakiskola, Készségfejlesztő Iskola, Egységes Gyógypedagógiai Módszertani Intézmény és Kollégium


Our institute takes care of children who have hearing disabilities at different levels. These children come from all parts of Hungary, even from the other side of the border. It is located in the capital, Budapest, in the green belt of the city. Our centre constantly and regulary supports parents of hearing impaired children.

Our centre takes care of children as soon as birth. We teach them from 3 years old up to adult age. 260 children are in our special kindergarten and schools and 180 children learn in integrated forms. We also take care of hearing impaired children with associated handicaps, 30% of our public is from very low social backgrounds. The aim of our centre is to help these children to reach the same education a level or a very close one as hearing children by helping them in getting rid of communication inhibitions to be included in the mainstream system and further on in the society.

We also teach English to them and try to give them the opportunity to speak English orally taking into account their abilities.  Our school has several specialities : for instance music education, theatre, pantomym, computer, education in the mother tongue language.

Our institution become a mentoring institution in the area of teaching hearing impaired children, and it is a practicing institution of the ELTE (university), where the university student can see practicies and can do their practice from many years.


Greece: Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Regional Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education (EM-TH RDE)


Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Regional Directory for Primary and Secondary Education, Greece (RDE-EMTh), is a decentralized regional administrative structure of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, located in Komotini.
RDE-EMTh co-ordinates the operation of primary and secondary education in five counties/regional unities: Evros, Rodopi, Xanthi, Kavala and Drama. RDE-EMTh has a functional administration structure: The Regional Director, 2 Senior Supervisors (for Primary and Secondary education), 1 Senior Supervisor for administrative, personnel and economic issues, 1 supervisor for administration, 1 supernisor for economic issues, 7 administrative officials and 14 teachers (transferred for 1 school year). RDE-EMTh co-ordinates 42 primary and secondary school consultants who have local offices.

The aim of RDE-EMTh is to disseminate the vision, the educational policy and the strategic/functional goals of the Ministry of Education to its region.

More specifically, RDE-EMTh:
-manages, controls, co-ordinates the educational and administrative operation of 933 primary and secondary schools and other educational structures (5 Environmental Education Centres, 2 Regional Training Centers, 5 Differentiation and diagnostic Centers (KEDDY) for special educational needs of students with disabilities and special educational needs, 5  Laboratory Centers for Physical Sciences (L.C.P.S.) in the region.
-is responsible for the allocation of human resources
-directs, co-ordinates and monitors school consultants
-is responsible for in-service training and teacher development
-conducts educational research
-collaborate with major stakeholders for innovation in the field of education
-organizes educational meetings, day events and conferences