Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ Programme

Project Overview

Social integration of people with disabilities is a major issue for the European society today. People with different diagnostics have special educational and therapeutic needs to improve their communication abilities. In order to ensure quality educational and therapeutic services to them it is necessary for these services to be implemented by specialists with a high level of professional training. Today we cannot speak about high standards of developing the professional skills without continuum formation, permanent up to date information on theoretical novelties and new, innovative strategies of practice. The international experience exchanges propound within the project represents a modality of gaining new knowledge and practical abilities regarding other strategies and educational approaches used in different places of Europe.

Our project aims developing the professional skills and competences for educators and experts from partner organisations, who work with children who have special education needs in the field of language education and speech therapy by facilitating the access of international experience changes, quality continuum training activities, open educational resources, modern instruments of work, alternative/innovative approaches. Increasing the quality of services provided by 4 partner institutions and their strategic institutional development by initiation and development of strategic international cooperation, transferring and re-evaluating the approaches, strategies, educational and therapeutic methods used, professional development of human resources, elaborating new educational resources and work instruments is another objective of the project.

The project includes a well-balanced mixture of partners: 2 NGOs, 1 public authority, 1 special education school. All partner organisation provide/supervise educational and therapeutic services in the field on language education and therapy for people with special education needs. Together we represent varied views across a range of stakeholders and interests providing competent knowledge and experience in the field of language education and speech therapy for children with special needs, from different countries in Europe: Romania, Italy, Hungary and Greece. Each partner will tackle a particular training and intellectual output depending of own better expertise and relevant experience. The participants are specialists in the field of language education and speech therapy of children with Special Education Needs (teachers, educators, trainers, experts involved in these kind of educational and therapeutic services).

The project objectives will be achieved by implementing joint staff training activities in the field of language education and therapy for people with different kind of special needs, development of Open Educational Resources and quality ensuring for implementation of activities regarding project management, dissemination, exploitation and valorisation of the project results.

The main results of the project will be developing the professional skills and competences of the educators and experts who work with people with Special Education Need and increasing the quality of educational and therapeutic services for children with Special Educational Needs. The open educational resources created during the project will be free accessible on the project webpage.

A collections of free educational resources (worksheets, studies, pedagogical methods etc) for educators and speech therapists addressing educational and therapeutic needs of different kind of beneficiaries: children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD); children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); children with Hearing Impaired; children with Mental Retardation. This collection will be made by contribution of all project partners by transnational cooperation. So, the expertise and experience from each partner organisation will be used in order to ensure transferability to the partner organisations and to the other stakeholders (Special Schools, Speech Therapy Centers, Scholar Inspectorates, specialized NGOs etc).

The main expected impact for direct beneficiaries is increasing of the professional skills and their competences in the field. This project will offer them the great opportunity to extend their knowledge on this subject about language and speech therapy at a European level and to gather experiences and exchange of good practices deriving from various European contexts. Most of the lessons that can be learned in the project can't be learned at individual and/ or national level, the transnational activities being the ones that can bring relevant new approaches and solutions.

The potential longer term benefits targets especially the indirect beneficiaries, people with special education needs, by increasing the quality of educational and therapeutic services provided to them.